Welcome to McMaster University

mcmaster-universityWe look forward to welcoming you to McMaster University! We hope that you will enjoy our conference, as well as any excursion you may make around Hamilton during your stay.

A few words about our host: the Department of English and Cultural Studies uniquely straddles two academic disciplines; members of the Department have conducted research in fields as wide-ranging as Speculative Fiction, Postcolonial literature, Gender Studies, Eco-criticism, and Disability Studies. The Department is also home to two prestigious journals: Early Theatre and Eighteenth-Century Fiction.

Science Fiction has long captivated not only those of us in the Department, but members of the wider McMaster community as well. In 2013, the University organized a three-day conference to celebrate Science Fiction as a field that puts literature, science, and the social sciences in conversation. The 2013 conference marked the occasion of acclaimed Canadian sci-fi writer Robert J. Sawyer donating his manuscripts to the McMaster library archives, making McMaster the permanent home of his literary legacy – alongside those of Pierre Breton, Farley Mowat, John Robert Colombo, Jack McClelland, and Anthony Burgess, among others.

cootesThe McMaster campus is located on the traditional territories of the Mississauga and Haudenosaunee nations, and within the lands protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” Wampum agreement. As part of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, McMaster is nestled in the midst of wetlands, forests, waterfalls, valleys, and meadows. We suggest that you visit the nearby Cootes Paradise when you are not occupied at the conference. Westdale Village – which is within walking distance – offers coffee, fine dining, and speciality shops. Alternatively, you could hold post-conference fêtes on campus at the Phoenix, a pub run by the Graduate Student Association.

We wish you a fun, enriching conference experience!


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